Your Next Steps

You may have heard the term business model used in relation to organisations or maybe even projects but this highly visual approach asks you to consider yourself as a one-person business. This can help you define and modify your ‘personal business model’ – allowing you engage your strengths and talents to grow personally and professionally.

Benefits to you

Business Model You® is a dynamic career planning tool that offers the opportunity for you to:

  • Clarify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore your passions and how they relate to your work
  • Explore how you might change your career in response to a changing environment
  • Actively and realistically plan your future direction

What’s involved?

The day will be interactive with lots of opportunities to try out different personal business models. We will work on a number of large canvases starting with your work as it is now. This will be followed by a series of ‘what if’ questions to help you model different possibilities.

To get the most out of our sessions we ask anyone who is joining us to do a bit of preparation, for Business MBefore & Afterodel You® it would be great if you could:

  • Think about your work to date, what have you done and why
  • Think about your present work, who do you work with, what do you offer and why?
  • If you feel like it, but not compulsory, have a look at the Business Model You® book

Once you’ve attended an Alchemy workshop we won’t forget you – we will provide a post course area for you to stay in touch.

We will also keep refreshing our online resources. You might like to consider our coaching support or a Bite Size follow up session.

Take aways

As part of the course you will be provided with training materials, two large Business Model You Canvases and a goodie bag. Hopefully, you will also leave with some new contacts and positive support for your personal business model.