Understanding Organisational Development

This is a practical one-day session designed to introduce you to some of the core concepts in organisational development. It is term that is widely used but not always well explained. The workshop will give you some definitions and background as well as offering you the chance to experiment with some of the key tools. If you are planning developments in your own organisation or thinking of working in the OD field this will help give you some useful frameworks to test out.

Benefits to you

Understanding organisational development is designed to give you an overview of the field, it will help you:

  • Define the concept and understand some of the key models
  • Understand the role of the change agent
  • Consider how to apply organisational development concepts in your work
  • Build your organisational development toolkit

What’s involved?

We will start the day by considering some definitions and looking at how organisational development has evolved. Using case studies we will then explore some of the core models that are widely used in organisational development practice. We will look at your individual style and approach to your work

Before & After

To get the most out of our sessions we ask anyone who is joining us to do a bit of preparation, for Understanding Organisational Development it would be great if you could:

  • Think about what the term means to you
  • Consider an experience you may have had of organisational development in action
  • Think about an organisational development project you would like to work on during the day

Once you’ve attended an Alchemy workshop we won’t forget you – we will provide a learning area for you to stay in touch. We will also keep refreshing our online resources. You might like to consider our coaching support or a Bite Size follow up session.
Take awaysTakeaways

As part of the course you will be provided with training materials, and a goodie bag. Hopefully, you will also leave with some new contacts and positive support for your future organisational development work.