Understanding Change

It has been said that even the nature of change is changing, so what do we mean by change? At Alchemy we think you can no longer think in terms of ‘managing’ change. It has generally become too big and too unpredictable to control. However, we can think in terms of facilitating or managing transition. Making sense of change is about helping you to navigate and adapt.

Benefits to you

This session will help you:

  • Understand some of the core issues underlying organisational change
  • Consider different models of change and explore their strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognise your own responses to different forms of change
  • Understand how to manage transitions as a result of organisational change
  • To explore the different facets of resistance to transition

What’s involved?

We will spend the day looking at different aspects of change and thinking about how it relates to your own experiences. We will discuss different models of change in organisations and explore the issues involved in managing transitions. The session will help you work through individual responses to change and consider their implications in terms of behaviour and attitudes. We will also touch on the notion of resistance to change, something that is generally regarded as negative, but might it be positive too?

Before & After

To get the most out of our sessions we ask anyone who is joining us to do a bit of preparation, for Understanding Change it would be great if you could:

  • Think about a change process you have experienced in the past and might be willing to talk about
  • Think about a change process you are either going through now or are having to prepare for

Once you’ve attended an Alchemy workshop we won’t forget you – we will provide a post course area for you to stay in touch. We will also keep refreshing our online resources. You might like to consider our coaching support or a Bite Size follow up session.

Take aways

As part of the course you will be provided with training materials, and a goodie bag. Hopefully, you will also leave with some new contacts and a clear action plan.