Managing for the First Time

Taking up your first management role can be very exciting but it can also be a little daunting. You have waited for the chance to take on new responsibilities and you now have to make the transition from doing to managing. In this interactive session we will explore some of the key issues you might face from understanding your personal style to motivating your team. We will also cover some career planning to help you think about where you want your management career to take you.

Benefits to you

This workshop will provide the opportunity to:

  • Gain some useful tools and support
  • Share experiences with other people in a similar position
  • Explore your strengths and weaknesses as a new manager
  • Ask the questions you want to ask but may not feel able to

What’s involved?

In this session we will focus on your personal style and preferences, and managing relationships. This will include giving and receiving feedback, motivating and empowering people and managing tricky situations. We will also look at the importance of developing yourself as a manager.

Before & After

To get the most out of our sessions we ask anyone who is joining us to do a bit of preparation, for Business Model You® it would be great if you could:

  • Think about your work to date, what have you done and why
  • Think about your present work, who do you work with, what do you offer and why?
  • If you feel like it, but not compulsory, have a look at the Business Model You® book

Once you’ve attended an Alchemy workshop we won’t forget you – we will provide a post course area for you to stay in touch. We will also keep refreshing our online resources. You might like to consider our coaching support or a Bite Size follow up session.
Take awaysTakeaways

As part of the course you will be provided with training materials, and a goodie bag. Hopefully, you will also leave with some new contacts and positive support for your action plan.