The art of the impossible

A white rose against a dark red background with a spruce branch

Possible or impossible?

We are in many ways contradictory creatures; we love certainty and predictability yet we often yearn for change. It is this dilemma that is perhaps the origin of the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.’ A number of trends emerged in 2017 that I am expecting to continue into this year, some bring opportunities and others might ask us to make difficult behaviour changes:

  • There is much less certainty about the direction organisations should be taking
  • Individuals and teams at all levels are feeling stressed and overwhelmed at least some of the time
  • The dominant linear change models are still being used and are not helpful in a world of chaotic and disruptive change
  • Change is still being treated as something separate to the day job
  • Traditional organisational hierarchies don’t necessarily support innovation and adaptation but we don’t know what the new organisations look like yet
  • Intergenerational working is not getting the attention it deserves
  • There is an overwhelming sense of being time poor, some of which is being caused by the very technology that was intended to support us

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is still one of my favourite stories for thinking about change and being a change agent. It is possibly more relevant now than ever before given the events of the last twelve months or so.  We are looking towards another year of impossible things and it felt like a good marker for the start of the year.

To try and respond to some of this ‘impossibility’ I am going to be adding a lot more tools and advice to the website. Do let me know if there is anything in particular you would like covered.

In the meantime my thanks to everyone who worked with Alchemy in 2017 and all best wishes for the changes to come in 2018.