• The Divided Brain? »

    This is an example of what we mean by the need for different approaches to learning.

  • CCSkills »

    Is the licensed Sector Skills Council for the UK’s creative and cultural industries, including craft, cultural heritage, design, literature, music, performing arts and visual arts.

  • Engage »

    Engage is a membership organisation representing gallery, art and education professionals in the UK and over 20 countries worldwide. engage promotes access to, enjoyment and understanding of the visual arts through gallery education.

  • Third Sector Learning Alliance »

    Is a growing, national alliance of voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises involved in learning and skills.

  • A New Direction »

    Working with young people to make London the best city in the world for young people’s cultural and creative development

  • Cultural Learning Alliance »

    Is a collective voice working to ensure that all children and young people have meaningful access to culture in this difficult economic climate.

  • NIACE »

    Working for more and different adult learners


Just plain interesting!

  • Creativity, Money, Love »

    An important question at its core – ‘what does the education and skills system need to look like in order for people to lead fulfilled creative lives, and in order for the creative and cultural industries in the UK to thrive?’ It is a question that is currently being asked by politicians and policy makers in different ways, in respect to different sections of industry, as they search for levers to economic growth.

  • Engaging people with learning difficulties in workplace learning »

    A report on engaging people with learning difficulties and / or disabilities in workplace learning produced by the Institute for Employment Studies and NIACE, on behalf of the Skills Funding Agency.

  • Older People’s Learning in 2012 »

    This is the report of a survey of older people in Great Britain, carried out in spring 2012. It examined their learning: what they learned, where, when and why, and with what benefits.

  • Divided Brain, Divided World »

    Why the best part of us struggles to be heard explores the practical significance of the scientific fact that the two hemispheres of our brains have radically different ‘world views’.

  • Creative Blueprint thinkpieces »

    Articles about education, skills and the creative and cultural industries

  • Thirdsectorforesight »

    Sadly now archived but there are still some interesting future drivers and resources available

  • Outsights »

    Outsights is a strategic futures consultancy helping clients to anticipate, interpret and act upon important developments in the external world.

  • Knowhownonprofit »

    A place for nonprofit people to learn and share what they have learnt with others. Masses of discussions, resources and learning materials

  • Biomimicry »

    Their mission is to train, equip, and connect engineers, educators, architects, designers, business leaders, and other innovators to sustainably emulate nature’s 3.8 billion years of brilliant designs and strategies.

  • Austin Kleon »

    A writer who draws – enough said!

  • Regular Marvels »

    Celebrates the richness and diversity of people’s everyday art practice, especially when it is disregarded by power. Beautifully written and totally absorbing

  • Seth Godin »

    Informative, thoughtful, sometimes challenging and always intriguing

  • Can Scorpions smoke »

    A great blog by Steve Chapman I love the look and feel as well as all his adventuring!

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