This is the best definition of evaluation and research we have yet to find! Dawn nearly fell over when she came across it unexpectedly at the VU University, Amsterdam, it seemed such a great way to describe some of the work we do.

Curiosity Pieces

  • Imaged Work »

    By: Dr. Dawn Langley

    Imaged Work: A psychodynamic perspective on images that change organisational conversations

  • Thinking About Visual Arts Business Models »

    By: Susan J. Royce

    Business models in the visual arts: an investigation of organisational business models for the Turning Point Network and Arts Council England.

  • The Hunting of the Learning Organization »

    By: Paul Tosey

    This article addresses the epistemology of learning, as reflected in some discourses of the learning organization. The article is inspired by, and draws substantially from Lewis Carroll’s `Hunting of the Snark’. It employs a broadly systemic theoretical perspective.

  • The Murder in the Merger »

    By: Dr. Dawn Langley

    The Murder in Merger: Mergers and Acquisitions as violent events of organisational transition

  • Visual Methods in Research »

    By: Russ Vince and Samantha Warren

    This chapter discusses drawing, and participant-­led photography – as approaches that explicitly involve research respondents in the co-creation of qualitative data. Through these examples we demonstrate the utility of employing visual methodologies in the investigation of organizational life.

  • Narrative, connectedness and context »

    By: Dr. Dawn Langley

    That Reminds Me of a Story: The importance of narrative in creating context and connectedness in organisational learning