What We Do

We start by…

Exploring: we ask some basic but sometimes difficult questions. We explore why you do what you, what drives you and what you want to achieve

this leads us to…

Interpreting: we work with you to understand what has emerged from our exploration; key themes, issues, obstacles and opportunities

and then we work with you on…

Developing: collectively we create a map to inform your future direction. It will most likely resemble a quilt with a range of elements that are stitched together to create a whole. Sometimes this will include a big vision and sometimes it may be about taking the smallest step

What Guides Us

We have been evolving this approach over a number of years and it takes account of four key areas:

  • What excites you? – this is about your motivation – why you do what you do, your reason for being and how that has evolved over time
  • How do you do what you do? – the resources, structures and processes available to deliver your vision
  • How well do you do what you do? – how well you deliver on your vision
  • What else is going on? – the external context in which your enterprise operates

This process of review should be one of interest, inquiry, curiosity and challenge.

Alchemy has a wide variety of tools and frameworks we can use to help you identify your bright spots and your stretch points.