We know that change is not easy. It can be contradictory and confusing.

  • We want change as long as it is not us that has to change
  • We talk about it endlessly as if that means we are doing it
  • We know it is complicated but still treat it as if it were simple
  • We know it takes time but we seldom allow enough
  • We focus on task and forget about managing the process

If that weren’t enough, we also know that human beings are not keen to change even when we know it is the right thing to do – stopping smoking, taking more exercise, eating our five a day to name a few.

At Alchemy we tend not to talk about ‘change management’ so much as transition management. Managing transition involves working with you to understand the nature of the changes you are facing or proposing (as far as this is possible), building a transition approach and working through the change process.

We work with what’s under the table as well as what’s on the surface and up in the clouds. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable but it helps to enable the shift that you might be looking for.

If you are interested in what Alchemy might be able to do for you please call to book your 60 minute exploratory conversation.