The art of the impossible

We are in many ways contradictory creatures; we love certainty and predictability yet we often yearn for change. It is this dilemma that is perhaps the origin of the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.’ A number of trends emerged in 2017 that I am expecting to continue into this […]

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A picture of the Super Moon in the night sky November 2016

The perils of past experience

Past experience can be a good friend; it helps build our confidence, reassures us we can adapt under different circumstances and helps give us a sense of progress. All good stuff I might argue. Recently, I witnessed past experience being used as a weapon, a means to ungraciously dismiss another point of view.  By reeling […]

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A safety pin attached to the collar of a jacket

Living with uncertainty

Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change. – Mary Shelley The white water of change It has been an extraordinary week: The EU referendum in the UK produced a leave result, apparently catching all concerned out including the Leave campaign and then everyone seemed to be asking ‘why?’ […]

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Arts Business Models Project

It was very exciting to see that the Expressions of Interest for the Arts Business Models peer learning partnerships are now open. The project has been set up as part of a wider programme that is supporting Museums in the South East with reviewing and adapting their business models. This has been driven by the […]

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Female figure in black against a white background stepping to the right, her head is partly cropped

Moving into Consultancy

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to work as a consultant recently. After every piece of consultancy work I do I try to take some time to reflect and review how I think it went, and what I might do differently in future. This often throws up insights into the kinds […]

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Four empty red deckchairs behind a CS Lewis quote about courage

Change: Quiet acts of courage

Quick read summary: Change involves acts of courage Sometimes having courage is about persistence, our ability to keep going If you reflect on your own moments of courage: What allowed you to make a stand? What made it difficult? What would have made it easier? If we take into account the acts of courage required […]

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What is your ambition?

The challenge for many of us when we are asked to describe our ambition is that we either don’t know, or we can only describe what we think it ‘should’ be rather than what it really means to us. Some people are not even sure they have ambition. We have put together the following prompts […]

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