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    Alchemy is about change in action so we focus on practical approaches to working in an ever-changing environment. Find out more

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    Evaluation & Research

    One of the things we think makes the work of Alchemy special is its focus on praxis. The interplay of theory and practice and the pursuit of our many curiosities are an essential part of what we do. Find out more

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    Learning & Development

    This is the section where we roll up our sleeves and get busy! While we take our learning and development work very seriously in our experience (and there is research to support it too) learning at all ages benefits from fun and laughter. Find out more

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    Resources & Links

    We are constantly in search of new sources of inspiration and checking out what intrigues other people. If anything you have found on this site has piqued your interest we encourage you to follow your curiosity. Find out more

We're brilliant at what we do

  • Perspective

    We keep our minds open, and constantly question and test assumptions

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    A wide ranging set of tools, resources and frameworks

  • Approach

    There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to personal or organisational development

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    All our work is undertaken with care and integrity